Why choose easyVoirie?

It’s so easy to choose easyVoirie! Simply because easyVoirie means:

  • Low prices all year round
  • Spare parts of all brands available in one single delivery, perfect for centralising your orders in one place, making your life so much easier
  • Over 100,000 articles for spare parts for road vehicles, the largest stock available in France
  • Express delivery in 24 or 48 hours
  • Friendly customer service, always attentive to your needs
  • 100% guaranteed: for price, product and service
  • Special offers all year round, on top of our low prices
  • A company that places customer care right at the centre of how we work: we listen to YOU!
  • A company that constantly challenges itself to better meet your expectations and that takes into account the needs and remarks of its customers.

Act now! Make your life easier with easyVoirie and save time and money!

So just how does it work at easyVoirie?

bonhomme3Once again, it’s so easy to choose easyVoirie! At easyVoirie, we aim to make your life easy (hence the easy part). One of our key principles is to always tell our customers “Don’t worry, be easy!”, when it comes to the service they can expect.

To contact us you have several means at your disposal:

  • Request an estimate direct from our website
  • Send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Send us a fax on +33(0)4 83 335 266 (printable form to request a rapid estimate)
  • Phone us on +33 (0)4 83 330 330

Then just give us the references of the sweeper spare parts that you need. After that just leave it to us!
Our entire team will work to find your road sweeper spare parts and offer you our best price.

easyVoirie does the business!

pouce vert 22So that we can always give you the best purchasing prices, a friendly and efficient customer service, the availability of spare parts of all brands, over 100,000 articles and express delivery within 24 or 48 hours, easyVoirie has a fully-competent team attentive to YOUR NEEDS.

We work hard to offer you not only the best parts at the best prices, but also personalised support for all your day-to-day problems, whether to fix a broken down sweeper or for the annual maintenance of your sweepers.

Our background

easyVoirie was created by two men who wanted to form a company with a difference, one that could offer to all professionals involved in road and urban cleaning the widest range of quality products at low prices.

From this simple idea they began looking for suppliers who could respond to these needs. easyVoirie was a great success from the start – and it’s continuing to grow.

Today easyVoirie has a catalogue with over 100,000 references of spare parts for multi-brand road sweepers at the best prices. All these parts are guaranteed and are original or of equivalent or higher quality. We sell spare parts for road sweepers of almost a dozen different brands, such as Eurovoirie*, Ravo*, Schmidt*, Dulevo* and Faun sweepers*. We also sell spare parts for Johnston*, Semat*, Scarab*, Hako*, MFH*, Matis Sicas*, Brock*, Ladog* and Unieco sweepers*.
Official suppliers of your spare parts for road sweepers, we aim to advise all our customers and help them find fast and effective solutions at the best possible prices. With easyVoirie, it's 100% guaranteed!

Our customers

camionAt easyVoirie we know the market like the back of our hands. We’re able to do great deals with the best original equipment manufacturers in Europe. These two talents combined enable us to offer local authorities, private groups and repair workshops the largest stock in France of spare parts for all brands of road sweeper at competitive prices, all year round. Every day our customers appreciate our rapid turnaround, our reliability and of course the low prices we can offer.

Today we have several hundred customers to whom we have sent thousands of consignments throughout France and the overseas territories.

Our customers are happy and they say so! Read the customer reviews on our home page!

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